Sound and Lemurian Crystal Healing

These unique therapies are offered by John and are on a face-to-face basis only.

Sound healing involves using various sets of tuning forks that work across a broad spectrum of tones. The tones then flow around the body via the body's own receptors of bone, tissues and ligaments and through the blood and lymphatic systems.

Lemurian healing combines the use of Lemurian crystal generators with specific Lemurian energies delivered through John by his guide. This is a powerful combination of healing energies that can work wonders; even John is surprised by what it is possible to do when connected with his Lemurian guide. However, this form of healing it is not for everyone, and only John's guide can decide if a client would benefit from a session (the guide has the final say). Though not generally offered as a standalone therapy, John will consider this if permission is granted during the execution of a client's treatment plan.