Treating the whole spectrum of physical, emotional and spiritual to improve your overall well-being


Lesley and John are fully insured and qualified UK-based healers who offer the following range of healing workshops and services:


WORKSHOP 1: An Introduction to Energy Healing

Advanced Chakra Healing

WORKSHOP 3: The Ultimate Keys to Improving your Healing

WORKSHOP 4: Advanced Universal Healing

Sound and Lemurian Crystal Healing

Meditation and Spiritual Development Groups

Spiritualist Mediumship (readings, house cleansing, aura cleansing and balancing)

Reiki Healing

Crystal Healing Therapy

HDH Unified Healing


Happy, Fulfilled Clients

John was working on fluid that had built up from a surgery I had last month and it was causing pain. A few hours later I looked at my neck and all the swelling was gone! The pain.. gone! Completely gone! I am so thankful for John and his team - he is truly blessed.

Debra, August 2020

John helped clear my house of detrimental energies that were increasingly physically affecting me and disturbing everybody else in the house throughout the night.
The energy of the whole house shifted within minutes of John working ... I'm so grateful that John is working in such an aligned high vibrational, professional, ethical manner.

Kerry, April 2020

John has changed my life. I suffered with fibromyalgia and vasculitis [and] John fixed my pain and taught me how to clear it ... He helped me get a life again when I’d nearly given up on it. I couldn’t be more grateful and to my auntie who introduced me to John!

Katy, May 2019



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